My helpers in the studio

A life without passion would be a dull life indeed. I believe passion is the fuel for celebrating life.  I am truly fortunate to have found a craft that allows me to express myself and bring joy to those around me. Pottery is an amazing art form with limitless ways for me to express myself.  The entire process – from a lump of wet clay, to kiln fired clay body, to painted and glazed final product - adds to my passion and inspires me to find new ways to expand my boundaries.

Much of my inspiration comes from nature and the world around me. I often find myself intrigued by something I see and think to myself “I wonder what something like this would look like on a piece of pottery”.  I am honored and flattered when something I’ve made resonates with another person.  Feedback from people inspired by my work is a gift beyond measure.
           Christy .

Christy Barnes works out of her home studio in Covington, WA. 
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she comes from a
family with a rich heritage in the creative arts. Many of her
fondest childhood memories are of learning a wide variety of
crafts from her mother – watercolors, jewelry making, pottery,
and cake decorating to name a few.  Her creative background
inspires her to experiment with a range of mediums, including
sculpting, hand building, and jewelry making, but her
heart always leads her back to the potter’s wheel and kiln.

Like many artists, Christy is continually pushing her boundaries
by finding new and interesting ways to express herself in her art. 
While other artists focus on traditional pottery shapes and
earthenware finishes, Christy introduces new shapes finished
with vibrant colors, detailed scroll work and textures, resulting
in pieces that reflect the world as she sees it: multidimensional
and beautiful.

While interested in re-creating styles from her past work, her
collection is a snapshot in time of her evolving self-expression
and talent.  Feedback from people who enjoy her work is greatly
appreciated and will likely play a factor in future work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and we hope to see
or here from you again soon.